About Us


Welcome to iteedaily where shirts are what this website is all about.  


We don't want to be another website that offers just customized shirt designs each day.  As much as we like this current wave of amazing artistic shirts that can only allude to what we enjoy -- cartoons, superheroes, our favorite TV shows and movies -- we want to be the website that sticks out from the pack by offering a daily t-shirt deal of a licensed property--you know, the real thing--we so much enjoy like Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley, Back To The Future, Saturday Night Live, Underdog, Star Trek, and The Dark Knight to name a few.  


And like our other website Simply Superheroes, we want to be a website that offers great products and gives you great customer service.  


So check back each day for a different t-shirt. We're bound to offer a licensed t-shirt that you're going to love.


 About Derek Bacharach (owner):

Yes, this is a photo of my t-shirt drawer. I mostly wear shirts of heroes I admire. 

 I'm the owner of the website Simply Superheroes since it started in 2008 and have been selling online since 1999.  I live with my Wife, Two Kids and a Black Lab mix in NJ.